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(General  Donations)
General Donations
(Laura A.)
Laura A.
(Claire Adams)
Claire Adams
(Amy Adams)
Amy Adams
(Erik Adkins)
Erik Adkins
(Molly Ainsley)
Molly Ainsley
(Amanda Arredondo )
Amanda Arredondo
(Veronika Bakhova)
Veronika Bakhova
(Brandon Becker)
Brandon Becker
(Catherine Berlot)
Catherine Berlot
(dana binnion)
dana binnion
(Tao Bojlen)
Tao Bojlen
(Jon Camp)
Jon Camp
(The Vegan Catholic)
The Vegan Catholic
(tara chapman)
tara chapman
(Living Vegan Chic)
Living Vegan Chic
(Susan Ciriello)
Susan Ciriello
(Jessica Clayton)
Jessica Clayton
(Tom Cohen)
Tom Cohen
(Chelsea Collins)
Chelsea Collins
(Molly Copsey)
Molly Copsey
(Lynda Cozart)
Lynda Cozart
(sanuji dananjaya)
sanuji dananjaya
(Miles DeCoster)
Miles DeCoster
(Chris Dietrich)
Chris Dietrich
(Jessica DiFiore)
Jessica DiFiore
(Patrick Dolan)
Patrick Dolan
(Lisa Drapkin)
Lisa Drapkin
(Casey  Ducheneaux )
Casey Ducheneaux
(Baby Emily)
Baby Emily
(Matthew Engeman)
Matthew Engeman
(Phoebe Erickson)
Phoebe Erickson
(Steve Erlsten)
Steve Erlsten
(Joe Espinosa)
Joe Espinosa
(jourdain Everts)
jourdain Everts
(CaplanHart Family)
CaplanHart Family
(Lauren Farnsworth)
Lauren Farnsworth
(kandace flom)
kandace flom
(Gabriele Fokaite)
Gabriele Fokaite
(Shawnell Frady)
Shawnell Frady
(Erin Gaines)
Erin Gaines
(Amanda Garay)
Amanda Garay
(pattie garcia)
pattie garcia
(Tracey Glover)
Tracey Glover
(JosefineAnne Gobreville)
JosefineAnne Gobreville
(kaylee gottschalk)
kaylee gottschalk
(Brandi Graham)
Brandi Graham
(Anna Grefberg)
Anna Grefberg
(Eric Griffith)
Eric Griffith
(Alaica Gubbe)
Alaica Gubbe
(Christopher Guinn)
Christopher Guinn
(spirah hager)
spirah hager
(Terry Hagio)
Terry Hagio
(jeni haines)
jeni haines
(Kimberlee Hamilton)
Kimberlee Hamilton
(Whitney Hill)
Whitney Hill
(Lisa Hines)
Lisa Hines
(Pamela Hood)
Pamela Hood
(Courtney Hopkins)
Courtney Hopkins
(Tamara Hubbard)
Tamara Hubbard
(Christina Hudler)
Christina Hudler
(Zubair Hussaini)
Zubair Hussaini
(Chin Hwa Huat)
Chin Hwa Huat
(Jennifer I)
Jennifer I
(Jeanette Irwin)
Jeanette Irwin
(Melody Jaros)
Melody Jaros
(shariya kelly)
shariya kelly
(Nicole Kemery)
Nicole Kemery
(Brian Knobler)
Brian Knobler
(Alexandria Lane)
Alexandria Lane
(khoo lean cheng)
khoo lean cheng
(Phil Letten)
Phil Letten
(Amanda Lewalski)
Amanda Lewalski
(Debra Libby)
Debra Libby
(Chris Lichfoldt)
Chris Lichfoldt
(Wendy Linscheid)
Wendy Linscheid
(Steven Litrov)
Steven Litrov
(Michelle Lukasiewicz)
Michelle Lukasiewicz
(Nika Lynn)
Nika Lynn
(Josie M)
Josie M
(Melissa MacDonald)
Melissa MacDonald
(Renee Manuel-Arias)
Renee Manuel-Arias
(Becki Markle)
Becki Markle
(milagros Matos)
milagros Matos
(Rebecca McCarter)
Rebecca McCarter
(Gideon McClure)
Gideon McClure
(Jack McGuirk)
Jack McGuirk
(Desiree Mehrez)
Desiree Mehrez
(Jennifer Mennuti)
Jennifer Mennuti
(EarthSave Miami)
EarthSave Miami
(paul mignosa)
paul mignosa
(Frannie  Miller)
Frannie Miller
(Yuri Mitzkewich)
Yuri Mitzkewich
(Josie Moody)
Josie Moody
(Laura Morse)
Laura Morse
(Dave Mosick)
Dave Mosick
(Molly Murray)
Molly Murray
(Jessie Myhre)
Jessie Myhre
(Jill N)
Jill N
(Mikael Nielsen)
Mikael Nielsen
(Oliver Nielsen)
Oliver Nielsen
(Evie Noel)
Evie Noel
(Jack Norris)
Jack Norris
(John Oberg)
John Oberg
(laura  ochoa )
laura ochoa
(Kassy Ortega)
Kassy Ortega
(Josh Padilla)
Josh Padilla
(Lesley Parker-Rollins)
Lesley Parker-Rollins
(Madhur Patel)
Madhur Patel
(meagan payne)
meagan payne
(Brian Pietrzycki)
Brian Pietrzycki
(Susan Pitts)
Susan Pitts
(Amy Quichiz)
Amy Quichiz
(Maureen ramirez)
Maureen ramirez
(Dawn Ratcliffe)
Dawn Ratcliffe
(Damon Rickner)
Damon Rickner
(Brittny Rider)
Brittny Rider
(Amanda Riley)
Amanda Riley
(Drew Rodriguez)
Drew Rodriguez
(bridget rosiek)
bridget rosiek
(Alexandra Ryder)
Alexandra Ryder
(Emma Sayers)
Emma Sayers
(Lisa Schaefer )
Lisa Schaefer
(Nettie Schwager)
Nettie Schwager
(Maranda Servello)
Maranda Servello
(lisa shapiro)
lisa shapiro
(Rachel Shippee)
Rachel Shippee
(Mayank Singhvi)
Mayank Singhvi
(Vic Sjodin)
Vic Sjodin
(Cosmic Sky)
Cosmic Sky
(Rebecca Smith)
Rebecca Smith
(Lana Smithson)
Lana Smithson
(Stardust Song)
Stardust Song
(Amy Spiezio)
Amy Spiezio
(Hanes Swingle)
Hanes Swingle
(Sarah Swingle)
Sarah Swingle
(Meggie T)
Meggie T
(Corey Teller)
Corey Teller
(Candice Tinat)
Candice Tinat
(Jessica Tohme)
Jessica Tohme
(Brian Tomasik)
Brian Tomasik
(Heather Trabing)
Heather Trabing
(Team Triangle)
Team Triangle
(Team Tucker-Kuzma)
Team Tucker-Kuzma
(Lauren Vader)
Lauren Vader
(Samantha Varga)
Samantha Varga
(Vegas Veg)
Vegas Veg
(Team Vegan-Cat)
Team Vegan-Cat
(Oneonta Vegans)
Oneonta Vegans
(Gertrude Wallis)
Gertrude Wallis
(Berenice Weber)
Berenice Weber
(Amanda Webster)
Amanda Webster
(Donna Wrubel)
Donna Wrubel
(Laura Yokovich)
Laura Yokovich
(Jimmy _)
Jimmy _