Steven Litrov

  • Funds Raised: $641
  • Fundraising Goal: $500
Hello! I'm an Outreach Coordinator for Vegan Outreach and I recently completed a six week leafleting tour through Ontario, Quebec, and Upstate New York! John Sakars and I traveled thousands of miles, went to the biggest schools in the area, reached tens of thousands of change-makers with solid information on the plight of farmed animals, engaged many other vegans and vegetarians to join us in spreading the word, distributed more booklets than ever before at most of the schools we went to and had many life changing interactions!

I'm extremely excited to announce that I will be continuing these successes, touring throughout the country in the Fall for another round of outreach twice as big than my previous tour -- an entire 15 week semester!!

To support me in doing this, I am seeking your support for Team Vegan and am stirring it up through biking 50 miles for each donation that's made and leafleting wherever I go! I will document each trip on Facebook and will optionally give you the liberty of deciding where I go (round-trip) beginning in LA. This is influenced by my love for traveling, a desire to be healthy, and saving animals with Vegan Outreach!

I'm thankful for those raising money for Vegan Outreach because it otherwise would not be possible to do what I and many others have the joy and privilege of doing every single day - reaching thousands of change-makers with solid information on the plight of farmed animals with personable face-to-face support, effective widespread distribution, and a friendly greeting.

If you're able to help me raise money, you will be pleased to hear that any amount you give will be doubled by other very generous donors! So if you're able to spare as much as $10, our Team Vegan exchange rate will make it $20! :) Any amount you give would mean a lot to me and would ultimately lead to more outreach and less suffering.

It's an honor to speak and represent on behalf of farmed animals every day and I'm very grateful for your consideration in allowing me to do so.

Thank you!

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